Blogger Information

Blogger Requirements:

Before the Event:

  • Join the Cirque de Seraphim in world group (invitation only, sent by 10/25/14). All information/changes will be communicated through the group.
  • Add a link back to the Cirque de Seraphim blog on your own blogroll or sponsor list with the event title and/or logo. Must be completed by October 31st or you will be removed from the event group.
  • Join the Cirque de Seraphim Flickr group.
  • Make 1 blog post outlining the event and its designated charity during the week leading up to the event. This can include items being offered in the event or just a press release post with event details (minus the LM which shouldn’t be posted until the event officially opens on 11/6/14.)

During the Event:

  • Must complete 3 separate blog posts during the course of the event. This does not include the 1 post required prior to the event as listed above.
  • Link all posts to the Cirque de Seraphim Slurl/LM.
  • Add all your post pics to the Cirque de Seraphim Flickr group.
  • Keep track of your posts as they will need to be submitted for review once the event closes.

After the Event:

  • Submit your post links online. Form url will be supplied at acceptance.

At Any Time:

Contact NaughtyPrincess Milneaux in world with questions.