Dustin’s Story

Hello my name is Anna-Marie and I just wanted to share a small story about how my mom and I met our little fur angel. Back in October 2013, my mom was just recovering from a serious post-surgical infection and we had decided to donate the remaining medical supplies to the San Diego Humane Society. That day, we entered the shelter thinking that while we were there we’d take a look at the dog kennels. How plans change! So we were walking by where they keep the cats and there was this black cat staring at us through a window. When we stopped to look at the cat, he turned around, stuck his tail in the air, and rested his butt right up on the glass so we could see everything. My mom laughed hard for the first time since she had come down sick. We requested to see the cat. When they let him out of the cage, he immediately checked where the windows and the door were and then started to rub against my mom and purr. He came home with us that same day. On the drive home, I was looking through his paperwork and discovered that he had been a very sick kitty upon his arrival to the shelter with several infections going on himself. Dustin is a very lucky cat to be alive and healthy one year later and our relationship with him is constantly improving.