Lucy’s Story

In the summer of 2005, I accompanied a good friend of mine to the local SPCA because she had lost her cat and was hoping someone had found it and brought it to the SPCA (the cat wasn’t there but she did later find it again!). Little did I know I’d be walking away that day with a pint-sized doggy that would be my closest friend for many years to come.

Lucy was approximately 3 months old when she was brought in to the SPCA by someone who said they’d found her wandering the street. She weighed all of 7lbs and was an excited little ball of energy! All she wanted to do was slather us in doggy kisses!

The vet at the SPCA had said they thought Lucy was a Basenji mix and I remember thinking “Oh cool!” because I’d often read about the particular quirks of that particular breed, but little did I realize then just how quirky and endearing they are. When I first took her to the local dog run and got to see what a speeding bullet she was, I and everyone else at the dog run was blown away. Basenjis are sighthounds, like Greyhounds and Whippets, which means they run fast! Like FAST. They also make the weirdest noises when they bark. When Lucy barks it sounds something like a cross between a rabid Wolverine and a hoarse Badger.

My little girl is 9yrs old now but she still has the energy and wonder of a puppy. Her favourite things are playing with her toy “Bunny,” chewing her rawhide bone, sleeping in any sunny spots she can find, and going ballistic whenever she sees a squirrel. She always makes people walking by giggle when she stands up on her hind legs like a Meerkat because she’s spotted something in the distance (and she can stay standing for an impressively long time).

I love this little girl with all my heart ♥