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Cirque de Seraphim Is OPEN!


Cirque de Seraphim - Advertisement Rectangle (Large) - NOW OPEN

Cirque de Seraphim is officially OPEN! You have from now until the 26th of November to wander these 2 sims reveling in the fun decor, great circus themed items for sale and donations being made to the ASPCA through shopping and kiosks. Here are some helpful links for previews, locations and fundraising totals.

Maps and SLurls


Blogger Links


Shelter Stories



Getting Around At The Circus

The final line up is getting ready for opening day on November 6th! Here are the sim maps so you can plot your course to visit every store while you’re here. PLEASE NOTE: The event starts at noon SLT on November 6th, 2014. Attempts to teleport prior to opening will result in an error. See you soon!CIRQUE DE SERAPHIM - SIM ONE MAP

Teleport to Sim 1


Teleport to Sim 2

Teaser Time!

Cirque de Seraphim is coming in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS! Where does the time go?! To whet your whistle a little more for opening day on 11/6, here is a sneak peek of the build in process:

Cirque de Seraphim Teaser

And for those wondering what kind of circus-y goodness the designers are bringing, take a look at this sampling from our Flickr pool:

Coming soon to Cirque De Seraphim

.Oh!Liv. Scars *Lion tamer*

double take: the juggler's wife

Come one come all RED

The show must go on!

Sneak Peak for Cirque De Seraphim!


Keep your eyes on the blog and our Flickr pool for more info as the event draws near and mark those calendars for November 6th!


Official Event Bloggers!

Thank you so much to everyone who applied to be a blogger for Cirque de Seraphim. With over 130 applications it was REALLY hard to narrow it down to only 35, but narrow it down we did. Everyone listed below should have a welcome NC and a group invite. If you’re missing either, please contact NaughtyPrincess Milneaux.

Welcome Cirque de Seraphim Bloggers!

Mixed Blogs – Fashion and Home 
Akira Voorhees
Anabelle Marquis
Brandi Monroe
Charisma Jonesford
Duchess Flux
Dyana Rain
Kimbra Iridescent
Lila Clemenceau
Lotus Mastroianni
Lucie Bluebird
nannybunny GossipGirl
NaughtyPrincess Milneaux
Peep Sideshow
Roman Godde
Serena Snowfield   
Shiny Bubble 
Wendz Tempest

Female Fashion Blogs  
Ambrehlynn Resident
Cara Olivieri 
Emirun Resident
Jule Lemondrop
misthangrn resident
Purz Nirvana
R’lyeh Lovecraft
sweetoz resident
Slovack Artis
Valentina SecretSpy 
kellee starflare
LunaArien Resident  
Kay Eebes 
Taleah Mcmahon  
Renee Aura

Male Fashion Blogs
LawrenceD Resident
Seb Arkright 

Kid Blog
MadalynEve Faith

Blogger Applications Are Now OPEN!

Cirque de Seraphim - Blogger Apps

Blogger applications will be open through October 24th 15th. Due to an overwhelming initial response, applications will be closing early. For information on blogger requirements, please visit the Blogger Page for the event. If you agree to abide by the blogger requirements, please click HERE to apply!

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